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Get the Yosemite Responsive WordPress Theme

Yosemite Responsive WordPress Theme

Yosemite Responsive WordPress Theme

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Have you heard of Apple’s Yosemite OSX design? Well if yes, you’ll easily get familiar with this beautiful, elegant and engaging WordPress theme.

Yosemite Responsive WordPress Theme at a Glance:

  • Inspired by Mac’s Yosemite
  • Fluid Responsive Design
  • Well Thought Design
  • Increases Engagement
  • Mega Menu Compatible
  • WP Review Pro COmpatible
  • SEO Ready
  • Widget Ready
  • Multilanguage
  • Speed Optimized

Apart from being a clean design, Yosemite comes with a newsletter plugin, compatibility with MegaMenu and WP Review Pro. It is also optimized for Adsense, pageviews and readability. Upon using this theme, I’m sure you’re going to see higher levels of user engagement.

Users are bound to love the simple yet elegant UI styled after Apple’s OSX Yosemite design. This theme has been tested against comparable themes and it is found to have a much higher rate of user engagement. This theme has schema integrated so as to ensure search engines can find and understand the content and also the content would remain organized. The WP Subscribe Plugin is also added to the theme to ensure your subscriptions are higher and further increase in your user engagement can be noticed. All the code is well organized and cleanly written along with comments to help you with future edits. The theme also includes integrated social media buttons.

There is an ultimate, easy to use options panel to allow you to configure and customize various aspects of the them as per your needs in minimum number of clicks.

Easy to use color picker allows you to match your blog’s color scheme as per your needs. There is also a wide variety of backgrounds to pick from. These include beautiful colors, patterns, textures as well as images. Installation is super easy and can be done in just one click. Apart from this you also get one click updates, import/export settings, 630+ Google fonts, retina ready icons, ajax loading, child theme support, RTL support, extensive documentation, translation readiness, HD video tutorials, direct 24X7 support and much more.

So whether you are a travel blogger or technical or if you are looking to blog about photography or a personal portfolio. This theme could just prove to be perfect for you.

[button-yellow url=”https://mythemeshop.com/themes/yosemite/?ref=kcalpesh” target=”_blank” position=”left”]More Details[/button-yellow][button-blue url=”http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Yosemite&ref=kcalpesh” target=”_blank” position=””]View Demo[/button-blue]

15 thoughts on “Get the Yosemite Responsive WordPress Theme”

  1. Looks like a pretty WP theme! I like how simple but elegant it is. I checked the demo and I love the fact that it looks good with or without sidebar. Hmmm… I think I found a theme for my other blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! I’ve had a look at the demo, such a gorgeous theme. So minimal and I love how they have the ‘ad settings’ included. It’s a feature that lacks from so many WP theme.

    Out of curiosity, do you know what framework it uses? Visual Composer? Genisis?

  3. Cool! I’m always on the lookout for WordPress and Blogger themes that are clean and take advantage of larger screens. Looked at the demo and loved the version without the sidebar. Really content-centered and minimalist.

  4. Woah. A theme based or similar to an OSX? That’s the first that I have heard of such. I like it because it’s clean and minimal which is how I envision portfolio sites. I checked the demo and this is a good theme for those who want to showcase their works and posts. 🙂

  5. Is this theme free? How has been your experience with Yosemite? Does it load faster? Let me know the details as I keep on experimenting with new stuff all the time to improve the blogging experience.

    1. Swayam, I used the trial version of this theme for 2 days. It worked perfectly. However my requirement turned out to be a little different after which I switched on to the current theme. Load time wasn’t an issue with Yosemite. It was just about requirement. Thanks.

  6. The theme works well enough for those who would love Yosemite. So, I took a look at the demo. One thing that could be improved by the developer is to center the Facebook page on the sidebar. I can see it is not aligned properly. Other than that, there is one thing I like. Still, on the sidebar, I like the rounded edges.

  7. Quite an interesting theme. We will have a new website coming by February and I will have this considered for our theme to use. I am an avid Themeforest themes user but will surely take a closer look at this one.


  8. Find the theme impressive. So clean and chic. Will try it once I transferred to my desktop and check how my blog will look if I use it. Thanks for the share.

  9. Just in time! I am looking for a new look for my other blog. I will take a look at the demo now. Glad that I bumped here, I’ll surely revamp my blog in the coming weeks. 😀

  10. it’s a great theme, sleek and clean and seems fast too .. id love to use it unfortunately, im using blogger 😮 but thanks for this post, will definitely recommend this to my friends who use wordpress

  11. I agree that the Yosemite responsive theme is a clean design. The interface is also really simple so it would really increase engagement for web visitors. It will be a perfect theme for those who puts up good quality photos. Despite it customizable though, we want our site to look really distinct from other sites.

  12. This seems amazing and yet it’s the first time I hear about this wordpress theme, and I’m all about getting one that fits with every aspect of blogging tho!

  13. Wow! What a stunning, sleek, professional look! I’ve never purchased a theme but this may be my first. I love that you mentioned that it’s easy to use because I am not well versed in WordPress and I need things to be as simple as possible! I will save this post for pay day! Thanks!

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