Vicky kaushal Turns Director for Katrina




For Halloween 2022, Katrina Kaif sported the Harley Quinn character from the popular movie Suicide Squad.

Many fans found this really sizzling especially because it was none other than Vicky Kaushal who was teaching her to pose in the Quinn costume.

Katrina Kaif shared the video of Vicky teaching her as well as pictures of her final pose and it left the fans amazed.

Katrina Kaif captioned the video saying "Jab husband director ban gaye". This along with a series of kiss emojis were the highlights.

Among the comments Daniel C Bauer who is a makeup artist posted only a happy smiley with heart eyes. He seemed to be loving the look.

Sharvari Wagh wrote: She loved the look and she's obsessed with it.

The Fans as usual had their praises with words and smileys. To sum it up all, this Harley Quinn shoot of Katrina Kaif is a hit and the credit also goes to the Director. :-p