The use of wooden texture for floor and the corner sofa with white-bright interior makes this room truly pleasant. The art-frame and cushions bring vibrancy.

When you need all in one room but well arranged, keep the furniture aligned with the wall on one side if the room is large. Then there'll be lot of space to move around.

It's all the play of lights. Edges on each side of the bed are back-lit and the yellow ambient lights give this room a very warm feeling. If you live in a cold region...

We saw this earlier in this series but here, the room shape is different and the look goes well here too. Note the large mirror, it automatically makes the room look larger.

The art, the bed design the side table and the lamps everything combined with a cool color combination, makes it a perfectly likeable bedroom.

When you have a large cabin with natural lights  all you need is to simply give everything it's own space and you have to  yourself a perfect sleeping room.

The art arrangement above the bed's backrest is unique. What we also loved about this room are the two hanging lamps.

Notice how the backrest of the bed extends beyond the bed to even accommodate the site tables and the rugs on both sides. Can't miss the three art frames.

Not adding too many colors is a trend. You want a subtle variance in the overall look and feel of the bedroom it calms your mind and keeps the ambience pleasant.

The ancient style chandelier and the cabinets in the front of the bed look awesome. We'd have loved to see some mirrors on the cabinet doors though. What do you think?

The long photograph almost the width of the bed is super in black & white. The whole room is otherwise whtie and grey but the pillow covers provide that colorful relief.