13 tiger images that will make you want to go for a tiger safari

Waterbodies at a tiger safari are the spots which you want to keep your eyes and lenses glued to. Tigers can appear any time for water.

There's no adventure like watching the tiger up close and personal at a safari. They can play a staring contest with you sometimes.

Although fierce, they sometimes express themsleves no different than your pet cats.

When the tiger is looking right at you, you know it's only safe to keep your distance. Stay in that jeep and don't get down.

Tigers, like cats can be curious and that's when you can get those perfect tiger shots.

Even if the tiger has it's back towards you, it's never a good idea to get too close.

In captivities, there's excitement to watch a tiger but no joy in it. Let them be free unless it's for their own safety.

Photographers are always dieing to get photos where the tiger is actually looking at them. Scary but exciting.

Yes, don't draw their attention unnecessarily if they're not looking towards you. You don't want them to charge...

Another photo where the tiger is out for a human safari and looking at the human clicking photos.

In summers, the tigers too love to rest in the shade when the temperatures are soaring high.

This, when you see, run for your life.