The rashmika mandanna moments




Rashmika Mandanna already said it on her profile, she doesn't mind changing and posing as it never gets boring.

Here's Rashmika wishing her fans a Happy Diwali. She adds, smile big, eat sweets, stay blessed, stay safe and shares her love for the fans.

She asked her fans if it should be a Saree or a salwar. Out of the two pictures though, we picked the one with a Saree.

Just Kidding, here's the comparative picture of the salwar too. What's your choice?

Mandanna loves interacting with her fans it seems. For this capture she said she hersel loves the pic and asked her FANS to rate the pic on a scale of 1 to 10. What would you rate?

Here's one of her captures from her trip to Maldives. This is OZEN RESERVE at Bolifushi island of Maldives.

She called herself a water baby with another pic of hers in the beautiful Maldives.

And the last one from her trip she wrote about her disbelief that she was going to say goodbye the that lovely place. We'd say, who wants to end a holiday like that?

Hashtag Goodbye but it only mean promoting her film. She wrote she was sending some fresh breeze for the social feeds of her followers with this capture.

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