The Good Nurse, Plot and Top Reviews

The Good Nurse is about Amy, a single mother and a nurse fighting against a deadly heart condition. Her physical and emotional boundaries are tested by tough and demanding night shifts at the ICU. 

Soon a compassionate and understanding nurse, Charlie Cullen arrives at her unit. Amy and Charlie develop a strong and devoted friendship.

For once, in many years Amy begins to have faith in her and her daughters' future. However, in a mysterious turns of events, Charlie becomes a prime suspect in suspenseful deaths of patients.

Amy must risk her life and safety of her daughters to uncover the truth.


FOR THE MOVIE review says, The Good Nurse is a stylish but sketchy medical thriller. The movie misses out on telling us something revealing and lastinga about medical malpractice.

Paul Bradshaw from review - Jessica Chastain lifts this serial killer chiller out of morbid monotony. Redmayne is subtle and the movie gives us Chastain's best performance.

Ryan Leston from says, The Good Nurse is a damnin critique of the U.S. healthcare system framed around a serial killer. The script drags us slowly towards strangely measured conclusion.

Daniel Feingold from says, it's not a good movie. But, it doesn't drag and is entertaining enough to do well for Netflix. The climax is less of a climax and more of a meme.

Emma-Jane Betts from The Digital Fox calls The Good Nurse a safe serial killer movie. She adds, Redmayne and Chastain shine in This latest serial killer movie on Netflix.