Taurid Meteor Shower 2022
Where to Look?

The Taurid meteor showever occurs every 7 years and last, it happened was in Nov 2015. So, it's yet again the time for another Taurid meteor shower in Nov 2022.

Taurid meteor shower is made of two streams. Southern Taurids and the norther Taurids. The southern Taurids peak between Nov.4 to Nov.5 and the norther Taurids peak between Nov.12 and Nov.13.

The frequency of Taurid showers is low and it isn't consistent but, these meteors are slow and long lasting. The meteors of the Taurid showers are connected to the comet Encke.

Comet Encke is a small celestial body with a nucelous of approximately 4.7-4.9 kilometers in diameter.

The American Meteor Society has predicted a considerable increase in the fireball activity every seven years.

Taurid fireballs are incredible and visible and can leave you an awe and surprise but  you'll need a lot of patience as it's frequency can be slow.

The Taurids are visible practically anywhere on Earth. The only place it won't be visible at is the South Pole. So, don't be down south at the pole during Taurids :-)

To locate the meteor showever you'll need to find the Taurus constellation. 

Basically find the Orion constellation and then move  your eyes towards the northeast to find the Aldebaran red star. That's the spot where you will see the Taurids occur. 

But make sure you don't stare at one spot, the meteor showever can occur in and around the suggested area.

So, go to the darkest possible location, lean back and relax. You will definitely not need any telescope or a binocular only your eyes with the peripheral vision.

Southern Taurids: Sept 10 to Nov 20. Peak time: Nov4 and Nov5.

Northern Taurids: Oct 20 and Dec 10. Peak time: Nov 12 and Nov 13.