Tamannaah Photos and Her FUN Captions

Tamannaah recently showed off her Filmfare award in a picture while hugging it she wrote, that she was going to get a good night sleep.

This is the picture she shared with the festive season in her mind.

Photographer Ajay Kadam shot this picture of Tamannaah which has top designed by intrinsic, pants by Shivanand Narresh and Jewellery by Bling Sutra.

Her Diwali capture had a quote "If you can't see the light, be the light!" Profound it is.

All glammed up with a lovely casual outfit designed by Dhruv Kapoor and Jewelery by Lunaya Jewelery.

Dressed in red, Tamannaah said here that she's red-y for the Monday. 

Being funny seems to come naturally to Tamannaah as she says that Plan A is is to wear golden and plan B is to find a silver lining. Ofcourse this was for the movie promotion.

She was also awarded Lokmat's Most Stylish Awards 2022 and she thanked them by saying she's truly honored. This one has Anamika Khann's outfil and Jewelery by Shriparamani.

We mentioned earlier hwo funny the captions posted by Tamannaah can be. She wrote "Rose rose ka photoshop, woh hai plan A, alag alag poses woh hai plan B."

Plan A, Plan B-lue. Did you get it?