13 stunning ai fantasy portraits

These portraits use prompt keywords such as mystic, rainbow, liquid smoke, pastel to describe the overall look.

Some more of the keywords in the prompt are photograph, highly detailed, face. This tells the AI that you're looking for a photographic quality output of a face.

There is also a barrage of adjectives that define the mood and look of the model. Some of these are, attractive, elegant, confident, optimistic, smiling, beautiful, heroine, perfect look.

Then the prompt defines the other aspects with these prompts: highly detailed, terrific clothing, fine skin details.

The ornamental details are automatically generated using a reference picture. Try such a prompt with reference and you will be able to generate images with endless possibilities.

If your reference image is an african-american the AI will catch the facial features accordingly.

If the reference image has ornamental details AI will enhance those in the output.

In some cases, AI could also take the color aspects from the reference picture.

For instance, in this case the reference image used was a face of a lion. Surprised?

Yet another example of how the AI uses your reference image. For this output, the reference image used was that of Jack Sparrow.

This output was generated by AI using a reference image of a Turkish Angora Cat.

Here the AI used reference image of an Indian bride.

In this case, the character in the reference image was a cyborg with sunglasses.