terrific artworks by artificial intelligence

The Artworks Displayed Ahead Were Created by Various Users on Midjourney. We have Hand-picked a Few of them to Display Here.

For More View the Community Showcase on Midjourney.

PROMPT: medieval fantasy, castle interior, full body shot, beautiful cute blonde young and hot adriana chechik, The Princess Bride, blue eyes, perfect face, cute, wearing black tight leather...

PROMPT: a portrait in the style of oil painting with static noise and glitches

PROMPT: family of GHOSTS, ethereal family, transparent beings floating, photorealistic, hyperrealisitc, 8k, live action film, CGI, Bokeh blur, High detail, Sony Alpha α7, ISO1900,

PROMPT: A Warrior with short white hair parted in the middle, wearing an ornate steel circlet, face of Henry Cavill, wearing black scale mail shirt and a red cloak, low angle shot, in the style...

PROMPT: feywild miracle court, ornate towering elven-roman edifice of balconies, turrets, villa, photorealistic matte painting, wide view, intricate, hyperdetailed, fine details, 4k, 8k

PROMPT: Illustration of a cute sweet beautiful little bearcub with a smaller scale baby cub, both wearing a Halloween costume ,fantasy art, intricate details,Key visual Pixar, anthropomorphic

PROMPT: "ARE WE ALONE?" , text in Helvetica Font, a lonely young boy and a lonely young girl sitting together next to a dobsonian ... highly detailed, key visual, cinematic, clean lines

PROMPT: young child female African warrior character in the style of Avatar and Overwatch, extremely detailed skin, centered portrait, chiselled, stoic, beautiful detailed eyes with golden...

PROMPT: armor mask with ornament, intricate, flowers, style by world of warcraft, Jesper Ejsing, Darek Zabrocki and alphonse mucha, dark fairy tale, photorealistic, octane render, cinematic

PROMPT: A massive dam breaks and floods a hyperdetailed cybercity marketplace, rushing water smashing into food carts...  jon Foster, concept matte painting, photorealism

PROMPT: Robotic Giant Human on Alien Planet with Sun in Background 8k, Very Detailed, Small Humans in Background

PROMPT: Octane Render, Ambient lighting, character design, portrait, yeti, white fur skin, Bright green eyes, Long grey hair Athletic Male, World of warcraft, Warhammer, Fantasy

PROMPT: skull overgrown with moss, art peter gric and earl norem , giger, steampunk,dielpunk,detailed, complicated, photoreal, 8k,

The prompt seen as captions are approx just to get you started.. You can view the full prompt on Midjourney Community Showcase an explore further. Copy the prompt and modify to get your own art.

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