Moments with
RObert Downey Junior




Here's RDJ, striking a pose after the IG live with Indo Ink Band.

RDJ posted this picture, wishing a happy 29th birthday to his son Indio Falconer Downey. RDJ also praised his growth as an artist and as a man.

RDJ, posted this on his wedding anniversary. He called it 17 years of unadulterated marital bliss.

He captioned this picture with his dad. "My dad lived and loved in NYC. This was about the documentary "Sr." getting accepted to be a part of New York Fill Festival"

RDJ captioned this picture saying it was an honor and privilege to be an executive advisory board member of K. Lisa Yang Bionics Center at MIT.

Now, is that a Dr. Dolitte moment? RDJ said with this pic that we always create strong bonds with animals old and new.

RDJ posted this one for the 1 year anniversary of Jimmy Rich's cosmic mic drop.

The caption for this picture was "Ask and you shall receive". It was about the Footprint Coalition T-shirts.

 A short and sweet caption for this one. "Rebirth and Renewal." Some fans calle dhim Marvel Rabbit and some said that funny bunny suits him.

O.G. Jarvis and Tony Stark take a hike.

RDJ said he'd just written his first Op-Ed. He added that in the face of emergency he chose to live with the spirit of never backing down.

RDJ wrote with this pic that the definitely passed the green test in this pic. It was about St. Patrick's Day wishes with fun mention to the HULK, Mark Ruffalo.