Awesome moments with bhumi pednekar




Bhumi's post captioned as It's really really hot with hashtags getting summer ready and summer fashion.

This capture in sports casual attire was captioned "It was a sunny day" with hashtags hills, summer and shoot life.

This one needs no caption and rightly so she only captioned it with a single word me and a fire smiley.

Going BLue for People, For Planet. She mentions here on the Biodiversity Day that she uses eco-friendly products and encourages her staf fto carry bags while shopping.

Here's Bhumi's picture, captioned "dreaming" with a heart and moon and wishing goodnight with this picture.

Bhumi tells the fan with this picture that it's just her regular monday morning.

With Arjun Kapoor, she says here, after 45 days of shoot a failed attempt getting some killer ones by the lady and the lady killer.

Bhumi only tells you here that red is her color. According to the hashtags this one was posted for movie Rakshabandhan.

What do you figure of the caption, "Raat Baaki, Baat Baki"?

A birthday month photo. She's a cancerian and her Birthday falls on 18th of July.

Promoting a product over here from Mac Cosmetics India.

You think she's going to finish it all? She posted it with a proof, a picture of an empty thali. But would you believe?

Here's one with akshay kumar. They came together on the big screen in the movie Rakshabandhan.

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