When Malaika Glittered with Jewellery

In high jewellery paisley shaped earrings handcrafted with precious tanzanite emerald and diamonds by Khannna Jewellers.

Here's Malaika in a masterful extrapolation of enamel work along with magic of poliki. Colored gemstores and ful cut diamonds.

A masterpiece necklace from the 'Noor' collection of Khanna Jewellers.

Enchantin Malaika Arora with a Polki-Ruby stud earrings and statement diamond ring ideal for any festive ocassion. Designed by Khanna Jewellers.

Here's Malaika providing a contemprorary twist to the traditional necklace handcrafted with emeralds and diamonds by Khanna Jewellers.

They call it 3 D emerald and diamond necklace inspired by the waves of the ocean, a force of nature.

This set of jewellery, they say is embodying the contemporary insights of versatility and timelessness.

Malaika Arora here, makes a veritable case of effortless chic with a necklace from Khanna Jewellery's signature fusion collection.

This one's inspired by the curvy and tactile shape of vines and tendrils. A modular choker studded with diamonds. Very likely to infuse heightened elegance to your attire.

Here' Malaika has worn an intricately crafted bridal polki set. This one truly redefines fine art of the jewellery craftmanship.