luxury resorts of maldives - part 3

baros maldives

Baros Maldives is known as the Maldives Icon. They first welcomed guists to their shores about 46 years ago.

It was the time when very few prviliged visited and spoke of this island. And, locals traved inter-island on wooden boats.

Baros is claimed to be a place of astonishing natural beauty which remains magical as ever.

Baros is among the first few resorts to open in Maldives. It is said that they have set a high standard which other resorts aspire.

The service they offer at Baros is polished by years of experience. They know true luxury isn't a gimmick and they sure know what works.

They have a collection of hand-crafted beachfront and overwater villas built from timber and sandstone.

They preserve privacy of their guests and thus, usage of drones is strictly prohibited on the island.

Among the facilities the resort provies, they have a 24/7 modern gym, boutique, infinity pool, 24 hour library with pool table, complimentary internet and a lot more.

They have multiple restaurants namely, the lighthouse lounge, sails bar, the lighthouse restaurant.

Among other activies they have marine educational programmes, coral transplantation, eco dive centre that seem very interesting.

A set of special experiences programmes include sea excursions, baros cruises, destination dining, baros escapes.

All in all, we feel Baros is that one perfect place you must choose if you are going for a vacation to Maldives.

There's a lot more to be said about the resort. You should ideally CLICK HERE and visit their website.