katrina kaif believes in paranormal?


Katrina Kaif recently gave an interview to Mohnish Singh a contributor at rediff.com.

She's coming back with a movie of the genre she loves the most. i.e. comedy.

This movie also stars Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter.

When asked if she believes in paranormal and ghosts, she says that being a susceptible watcher, she's scared of everything.

She added that if she watches anything scary at night she gets nightmares about it for the next 48 hours.

When asked about her experience of working on a horror comedy for the first time, she said she just realized that her last few movies were drama or action and that she loves comedy.

She was also asked if she believed in ghosts, as she's playing a ghost in the movie. She replied back positively and added that she believes that there are other dimensions.

She also answered to one of the other questions stating that she's had tough time sleeping alone in the past due to being scared.

Asked about what  inspired her to open up more after marriage, she said that not talking much about herself was more of a cancerian trait.

She said she's been a very hyper person in life and that marriage with Vicky has calmed her with stability. She considers Vicky's nature to be exactly opposite of hers.