iPhone to get standard usb-c charging

The European Union Law, that makes it compulsary for electronic devices to use a common charging standard known as USB-C.

Thus Apple will need to comply with the same. This was also confirmed by company's marketing chief.

Apple's senior vice president said in a live conference, “Obviously we’ll have to comply,”.

As per an approval given by ministers from EU member states, on Monday, all electronic devices including mobile phones and tablets should support USB-C charging.

Up until now, Apple's iPhone uses its proprietary lightning charger.

Analysts earlier conveyed to CNBC that iPhones scheduled to be released in 2023 could have the USB-C implemented.

They also confirmed that Apple is likely to introduce the USB-C standardization globally and not only in the European Union nations.

The aim for implementation of this rule is to reduce electronic waste and that the consumers won't need to buy a new charger every time they bought a new phone.

Apple hasn't confirmed by the the USB-C type charging will be implemented for their flagship smart phone but, it will need to be done by 2024.