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10 unique chair designs

The curvy and carved design of this chair makes it unique. All brown with soft cushion makes it a comfortable seating furniture.

Well, not exactly a unqiue design but we feel this is one seating furniture that you must have at your home. A wooden rocking chair.

A soft cushioned and comfortable chair for kids. Especially li'l girls may love the pink.

Got a bar at home? How about this chair?

A dining table or a study table or just for casual seating at home. This chair will fit in perfectly for any requirement.

Comfortable, curvy, intricate and a really royal looking design is perfect if it fits into the scheme of things for your interior.

Minimal design for casual seating at home or a waiting area in office. This one won't take too much space, that's for sure.

Green and dark brown is a great color combination. Throw in that bright striped pillow and it looks perfect.

Talk about minimal and you can't really ignore this one. How safe and comfortable this one would be? Think about it. But it looks really cool.

Any takers for this design? Does the back-rest look sturdy and safe?

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