Drink Coffee, Live Longer

Don't most of us need a cup of coffee to get rid of that morning daze? 

A cup of fresh coffee can surely hasten the whole process of "actually waking up".

Whether coffee is beneficial or not has been an age-old debate.

Previous studies on this subject concluded that the research did not distinguish between sugared and non-sugared coffee.

A few studies have now revealed that moderate amounts of coffee-drinkers are less likely to die in upcoming 6-7 years.

The research was conducted by a chinese medical university, which took into account data collected by U.K. Biobank study health behavior.

More than one hundred and sevety one thousand people who participated in this survey had no prior medical condition pertaining to heart or any disease like cancer.

A 7 year follow up period which saw the survey conducting team had following conclusions: [tap for more]

Unsweetend coffee-drinkers were atleast 21% less likely to die in the 7 year follow up period as compared to non-coffee-drinkers.

Coffee-drinkers who used 1tbsp sugar were  atleast 39% less likely to die than compared to non-coffee-drinkers.

Researchers however, could not conclude anything about the participants who drank coffee with artificial sweeteners.

So choose coffee over any other highly sweetened drinks.Do not remove coffee from your diet.Go get your coffee without any further ado.