hardik pandya's frank statement on mankading

Hardik Pandya, India's star all rounder has no doubts whatsoever in his mind, when it comes to Mankading.

He said, "To hell with the spirit of the game. We need to stop making a fuss about this"

It's a well known fact that the ICC termed such dismissals as run out and removed them from the unfair play section of its rule book some time back.

Despite this there have been debates about such dismissals being against the spirit of the game.

The issue lately became a big topic of discussion when Deepti Sharma ran Charlie Dean out at the non-striker's end for leaving crease too early.

Pandya spoke further on the ICC review podcast that was recorded before the T20 World cup tournament.

He said "We need to stop making a fuss about this. It's a rule, as simple as that. To hell with the spirit of the game."

Adding more to it he said, "If I am walking out of the crease, and someone runs me out, that is my mistake. He is using the rule to his advantage and that's fine.
It's No Big Deal!"

Pandya recently starred in the match against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup and played a major role along with Virat Kohli, in India's victory.