dog images that will make you a dog lover

Dogs have an unmatched energy. Their playfulness is one of the reasons why people keep dogs for company.

Dogs tend to falll in love much more easily than us people do.

They also seem to move on much more easily than humans.

Studies revealed that dogs can form new loving relationships much more easily and the trauma is much lesser when they are taken away from their existing owners.

There's ample similarity between how dogs build strong bonds and how humans develop feelings.

Compared to other animals, even lions, wolves or squirrels, it's much easier to achive tameness in dogs.

Dogs have this special capabilities to build an emotional bond with anyone. And it's not just with humans.

Any creature they meet early on in life, they'll tend have an emotional bonding with them, very easily.

So much so, that they will start accepting other members of that species as their very own family.

Dogs gave away their wild ways of living in order to attach themselves to us. Don't leave them alone for 8-10 hours daily.