djokovic positive about australian visa ban lift

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Novak Djokovic the former world no.1 is positive that he'll hear soon, if the three-year visa ban will be set aside by the Australian government or not.

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He is hopeful of playing the next Australian Open in January if the three-year ban is levied on him is waived.

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Djokovic was deported from Australia due to his opposition to the Covid19 vaccination. Australian government felt it threatened the stability of the country.

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His exact words spoken to Serbia's Sportal in an interview, "When it comes to Australia, there are some positive signs but, unoffcially."

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He further added, "We are communicating through my laywers in Australia. In fact, they are communicating with the authorities in charge of my case."

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He further said that he is hopeful to have an answer in next few weeks irrespective of whether it's positive or negative but he, is strongly hoping for a positive answer.

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On the other hand, Australia's Home Affairs ministry has always insisted on not commenting to individual cases as per their policy.

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Djokovic is still unvaccinated but, Australia has put down the rule that required international travellers to declare their COVID vaccination status in July.

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Austrialian Open Tournament Director, Craig Tiley said that Tennis Australia is unable to influence the decision, but Djokovic is welcome to play if he gets Australian Visa.

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Finally in the words of the 21 times Grand Slam winner, "I really want to go there, I'm over what happened this year and I just want to play tennis, it is what I do best."

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"Australia has always been the place where I have played my best tennis, the results speak for themselves, so I am always extra motivated to go there."