Failing the spirit of cricket?

Do You Think that the Charlotte Dean Run Out by Deepti Sharma was Unfair? 

India Women beat England Women in the last ODI match for a series whitewash. The win though was quite dramatic to say the least.

England were 9 wickets done but Charlotte Dean was still fighting and took the host almost to the edge of a salvaging win.

Deepti Sharma however, had different plans. She ran Charlotte Dean out at the non-striker's end while she was backing up.

A third umpire decision revealed that the non-striker was run out, sealing the win for India. 

Charlotte Dean cried while India Women celebrated.

There's been a huge uproar and a divide of opinions on twitter while some think that Deepti Sharma was spot on, others resorted to "Spirit of Cricket" debate.

Charlotte Dean too must have backed up multiple times before the delivery was bowled While as per rule she's supposed to stay within the crease until the ball is released.

Our verdict is the same as seen above. We don't see any controversy here what are your thoughts? Tweet to @pixellicousd and let us know.