Oscar Entry
Chello Show on Netflix

It raised many eyebrows when Gujarati movie Chellow Show, "The Last Show", was selected as India's entry for the Oscar Awards.

The film is about a 9-year-old boy Samay from a village called Chalala in Gujarat, who spends most of his summer time watching movies from projection booth.

Samay is totally awe-struck by the films and the process of film-making. His craze is so much that he decides to become a film-maker. Little does he know what awaits him.

The film is said to be a semi-autobiographical as it's the story the director and writer Pan Nalin. Nalin was born and brought up in Adtala village in Gujarat.

The movie Chello Show is called by many as a poetry in motion and that, it deserved to be watched in theatres.

The movie rated 7.8 stars on IMDB, however has now been bought by Netflix and is available on Netflix to be watched, enjoyed and praised.

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