Ever imagined Hrithik Roshan in a Cyberpunk Style avatar? Here's one abstract techno cyberpunk look of Hrithik. Did the AI do well?

Sylvester Stallone's caricaturish cyberpunk style look. We thought the AI did well here too. What say?

Identify this guy? Yes, it's Mark Wahlberg in a caricaturish cyberpunk avatar.

Our very own Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyberpunk avatar.

No prizes to guess who this guy is. Virat Kohli in a cyberpunk avatar.

George Clooney's techno manga kawaii art style cyberpunk avatar looks cool.

Image if Madhuri Dixit plays a role in a sci-fi movie?

Or, if Katrina Kaif plays a futuristic astronaut in her upcoming movies?

A comic style younger version of Shahrukh Khan?

Or, if Shahrukh Khan had played tony stark?

Mr. Sr. Bachchan in a techno cyberpunk avatar. Isn't he cool?

Katrina Kaif in a futuristic avatar.

Elon Musk's caricaturish cyberpunk look.

Artificial Intelligence just nailed this one. Robert Downey Jr. in a cyberpunk avatar.

No-so-much Ranveer Singh in a cyberpunk Avatar. AI still needs to learn a lot about him.

AI didn't manage to get perfectio on the perfectionist. Aamir Khan's cyberpunk look.

Ajay Devgn? What do you think?

Katrina Kaif as an ancient warrior princess.

Salma Hayek as an ancient warrior queen.