movie watchers early reviews of black adam

One of the users john_ting_li wrote, that he had no idea about Black Adam and didn't have high expectations but he was taken by a big surprise. Fun, enjoyable, amazing fights and great sound track.

One user AvionPrince16 asks, are they good people or bad? This user said the movie had immersive special effects. Store becomes more and more interesting as movie progresses.

Another user called PaperCoffins wrote that Black Adam is an average superhero movie with a 2005 vibe. He added that Dr.Fate was super-cool. And that there's non-stop action but story was meh.

A user named nabeel-40851 wrote the move was super fun. It was great that DC did not show every scene in the trailer. He adds that it's been a while since a movie is not rushed and still enjoyable.

Rh_0809 wrote that DC are back, thank to the rock. Finally a movie that gives a feeling, DC are making good movies. User mentions a surprise in the post-credit scene gives great hope for DCs projects.

A user called roanwormhoudt gave the movie 9/10 and said it's a visually stunning DC fill with lots of action, violence and some laughs with an outstanding cast.

IMDB User ronaldfury says that Black Adam is good and fun superhero movie. Adding that CGI is good visual effects are flawless. Fight scenes are brutal, fun to watch. Action packed from start to end.

A viewer pap-05900 positively says that Black Adam is everything he hoped it really was. Calling the movie fun, thrilling and action packed the reviewer calls Dr. Fate and Hawkman standout characters.

Miroslavkyuranov an IMDB user rated the movie only 6/10 said that there was a hope with Black Adam that hierarchy of power was about to change but, it's not likely to happen.

Overall the movie has opened to positive reviews by the viewers. These are not technical reviews by the big names. So what are your plans about watching Black Adam?