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This beautiful close up portrait of Deepika Padukone was captioned with some words about Mental Illness. She says, our mind is very much a part of our body.

For this capture that Deepika shared, she only tagged the brand Cartier.

This post was about expanding rural outreach program to Tamil Nadu. An important step towards making Mental Health care accessible and affordable.

Another lovely pose with tags and mentions to Nicholas Ghesquiere and Louis Vuitton.

This post by BOF mentioned about Cannes Fiml Festival in May when Louis Vuitton Celebs made an appearance. It mentioned Deepika Padukone as the brand's biggest red carpet bang.

BOF500 cover star Deepika Padukone Joinng the celebratory gala event in Paris.

Post by Vogue Arabia ushering in October 2022 with Bollywood Icon Deepika Padukone taking over earthy terrains of Hatta for their latest issue.

On the cover of vogue talking about mental illness and prioritizing mind and body over everything else.

No caption needed for this perfect couple it seems. This picture was just posted without any caption and looks wow.

In this post Deepika compares people with knowledge of their past history, origin and culture to a tree withot roots.

Caption: May our lives be blessed with experiences and adventures in abundance. Tagged Ranveer Singh on his birthday.

Ready for Cannes 2022.

At Cannes in 2022.

She tagged Lous Vuitton, Nicholas Ghesquiere, Cartier with a hashtag Cannes 2022.

She says she always means business on sets.

Yet Another one at Cannes in 2022.

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