How much should you really walk every day? How does walking benefit you?

Here's what studies revealed.

Reduce the risk of many diseases including cancer. Yes, that's what the studies state.

Consider this fact. At max 10000 steps, the benefits of walking that you may reap level out in a longer run.

Does your daily movement for your daily chores like cooking, washing, or just moving around in your house count?

Yes, normal moving around for daily chores does count but effects of concentrated and dedicated workouts are far better in comparison.

People who walk 10k steps could bear a lower mortality risk in case of a disease as compared to those who may be walking 6k steps.

- UK National Obesity Forum recommends 7k to 10k daily steps.
- US Presidential Challenge recommends 8500 steps per day.
- The Japanese recommend 8k to 10k steps per day.

But, if you're not sure, it is still recommended that you stick to a weekly workout regime to include atleast 200 minutes of proper workout.

Live happy, live healthy.