American Eagle Pics and Interesting facts

American eagle is a bird of prey found in North America. It's also known as the bald eagle.

The bald eagles though are not actually bald. The name is due to the white head.

The adult bald eagle is mainly brown with white head and tail.

Male and female bald eagle are identical in plumage but the females are approximately 25% larger than the male bald eagles.

The American eagles have a yellow beak which is large and shaped like a hook. 

The Bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America nd it also appears on it's seal.

Around the latter part of the 20th century the American eagle was on the brink of extripation.However it's populations have since then recovered.

The U.S. government has also removed it from the list of endangered species on the July 12th 1995.

Bald eagles live in areas where there's a constant water supply. They feed mostly on fish, ducks, snakes and turtles. They can also eat rabbits, rats and dead animals.

Bald eagles have great sense of sight and powerful talons. Thus, they can attack the prey by flying down on them at an angle. They can fly at a speed of 100mph when diving. 

When it comes to flying high, the american eagle can climb up to 3000 meters i.e. approx 10000 feet in the air.

They use the air currents and keep lying really very high for long periods.

Bald eagle body length is 28 to 40 inches and typical wingspan can go upto 2.3 meters.

The bald eagle nests are usually very large. This is mainly because of their own size. The largest recorded nest was found in florida in 1963 and was measured to be 10 feed wide and 20 feet deep.

Nesting habitats or the american eagle cosists of mangrove swamps, shorelines of lakes and rivers, pinelands, seasonally flooded flatwoods and pastureland with scattered tall trees.