When the theme of the interior is white, a mild gray or silver with blue and patterned cushions go really well. The cat ↓ seems to be loving it too.

A two seater with large hand rests. Looks comfortable? Grab the popcorn and get the movies going.

L-shaped sofas will remain in trend for a long period. Just ensure you get the best mattress.

Not sure what those square bulging boxes on the sofa do but this one sure looks spongy and comfortable.

We love this traditional simplistic and soft looking sofa and would go for it any day if it fits the interior theme.

Love the lined pattern on the back-rest and the overal gray theme. It's pleasant and inviting.

The sofa is inviting and the art in the backdrop elevates the overall interior here. Notice the dual color choice for the cushions.

This is a 3D render yes, but it's innovative, modern. Looks like this one time-travelled from distant future.

Simplistic and minimal sofa design. The best part here is the yellow. It's vibrant and stands out in the room.

A single seater white sofa for a bright-themed interior. We love the line art on the pillow cover and the large vase with artificial decoration.

Another two seater that looks comforable with vibrant colors matching the golden theme of the room.

A minimal single seater sofa decor when  you don't want too much in the eye. Would you go for something like this?

More of a sofa-chair but too unique and futuristic to be not included in this collection. Inspiring isn't it?

What would you call this wonderful basket of a sofa? We love the mashup of cushions with different patterns.

This contrasting black sofa is completely oppposite color of the overall interior theme. What an awesome idea.

One word for this sofa. It's royally comfortable in this rustic cabin-like setup. Could be here 24X7X365.

Think of grandeur. Think about this. Anyone who sits here must feel truly royal.

Yet another L-shaped sofa in a large glass house interior. The piece of art hanging on the wall behind compliments so well with the overall look.

Out of the box? This is .... we have no words you describe it.

We love totally love this setup. A special mention to those two sofa-chairs with unique designs. Wow!!!