This cat says "My reaction when a human plays knock knock with me. I always look out to say who's there?"

The kitten's laughing out loud because you searched for cute cat pictures and you found this one.

There you go, I'll hold this yellow box high enough to help you read the writing by the author of this post who thinks cat pics are the cutest.

The cat here is thinking. If it weren't for the camera, the butterfly wouldn't be sitting on my nose, testing my patience.

Shocked cat is asking you to read out loud. "What has the writer written for me in the yellow box? Is it good? Tell me?"

Lazy cat? If you think I'm lazy, look at what my friend is doing in the next picture. Do no judge a cat by it's photo.

Is it not the international yoga day?

Cat complaints: My human thinks I'm an artistic decor item. Why else would I be sitting here doing nothing?

There's a difference for cats. Being at the dining table is as good as being on the dining table. Can I get my food now?

No, not all shite cats are named snowwhite.

Who says cats can't feel grumpy?

I told my human you teach me and I won't learn. But, my human is a tough nut. I gave up and learn't a high five.

You reached the 14th slide. You must really love cats.

I bet you can't touch your tongue to the tip of your nose. And I know you tried it just now??

Going by creation of Adam, I'm god and you're human.

Yes, this cat is ready for the MGM new logo shoot. The lion just lost his job.

Newton discovered gravity but I'm defying gravity here with my stunts.

The spy cat. You didn't just look at me, looking at you. is it?

Bet you don't know how cats say it?
Sofa so good.

Puss in NO boots. Haha.