15 trendy living room interior designs

Bright and white color theme with twinning of sofa and all the art pieces make this living room complete.

Contrast of black, white and the wood on the floor is a unique combination. Add those comfy gold and silver cushions to make an overall pleasant visual.

Wooden elements are a big go for any interior. It all goes so well with this living room too. 

Even if you stuff the living room with furniture, make sure each piece has it's own space and use art for decor.

Even if the space is small if it's done up well like this, it looks splendid. A lot of scope for natural light and daft arrangement makes it perfect.

Yet another small living room space with perfect mix of rectangular shapes and colors and wooden texture.

A rug of a carpet near the sofa setup and dual color floor are the highlight of this living room setup.

The wooden textured dar floor with a white carpet are apt for this size of a living room. When there's nature outside your window, it adds to bring a large plant inside too.

This living room uses only two colors and their shades. Notice the linear patterned wall and everything else in those two colors for the monotone effect.

Even if a part of another room or section is protuding inside the living room you can utlize the protrusion to arrange your furniture around it. Like the television here.

As we mentioned in the part one of living room series, a large art piece can go a long way in determining the overall look.

Unfailing white and bright theme with dark gray carpet  and minimal furniture.

There are a lot of reflective surfaces here in this living room's arrangement. Spreading the ambient light with great effect.

Dark furniture and carpet n other wise mildish theme works very well here. Although some may find it a bit gloomy.

Love vintage royal feel? Then this living room gives all kinds of right ideas.