The all-white look with contrasting floor and frames around the edges. A vividly unique design.

Another subtle contrast in terms of whitish plain walls, contrasting sofa and patterned carpet.

All white interiors never go out of fashion especially if you get the highlights right. Beautifully done.

Another whitish interior for living room. The art, furniture style and the fabric makes it unique.

Some may find this gloomy while, others may find it soothing to the eyes. Dark colors & limited lights.

This living room set has a very calming feel to it. Notice the wood used for the furniture. Contrast?

A modern white and silver i.e. gray setup for living room never fails to impress. This looks rich.

Large art board can be a game changer for rustic or even a mordern interior design like this.

Moving from all-white to all-beige with contrasting blues wherever possible. Notice the large window.

Green and white dual colored walls with the brown sofa here does the trick. Notice the long art piece.

Six beautiful frames on a dark green wall. Another green and brown combination that works.

When you think of minmal.

A gloss house living room interior design cannot get better than this. Greens go so well here.

This blend of colors seems unique. The highlight of this decor is the set of circular art pieces.

When you have a plethora of frames to fill up a wall. Just squeeze them together. Magic.