flower vase decor for living room interior

A very unique style pot or vase to hold some real dried grass or shrubs or you could use artificial ones.

If you  have time and if it's possible to grow real plant, then go for it. The long glass/plastic textured vase looks great.

A glass bottle with artificial plants could do the job of ehancing the look of the living room or the bedroom for that matter.

A completely different donut style vase to hold those artificial plants.

With a vase so beautiful, you may not need to actually keep plants in it. The vase itself would stand as a good decor idea.

Another beautifully shaped vase that might not need to hold plants or flowers.

There's no limit to the shape of the vase. You could even get something custom made if you have an idea on your mind.

Here's an interestng shape for a vase.

Do take into consideration, the color and texture of the surface as well as your background before you buy.

The container is shaped like a pyramid and it holding a single leaf of such beautiful shape is a great idea.

An unusual but creative idea for a vase. Not many may like it but it's different.

Copper finish shiny metal containers. These can be empty and not necessary hold a plant or a flower.

If nothing else then use glass jugs to hold a couple of roses or other flowers.

Ceramic vase with unusual texture or design on it will add to the beauty of the living room or your bedroom.

A smiley container. Any takers? :-)