14 cake design ideas you must see

Dripping Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Cookies makes for an inviting visual delicacy. Don't you think?

Atleast us had never seen a black colored cake decor. And we feel this cake looks stunning with those primitive silver shapes.

Here's a multi-tier white cake after that gorgeous multi-tier black and sliver theme. This lovely idea to use pearly shapes and flowers looks perfect for a grand occasion.

Even if it's a nake cake the touch of dripping cream from between the breads and the bunch of berry and fruits makes for a lovely and delicious visual.

Who says blue is an unappetizing color? Pick the right shade and you'll want to binge-eat the whole cake at once.

Sometimes you can even us inedible decor such as this one for a cake. It looks minimal but so awesome.

Another minimal decor with berries on top. Simple is often very beautiful.

Top the cake up with same colored cream florals and it should be perfect.

If it's chocolate, the grains on side and on top between the cream florals should be really good idea to follow.

Make it larger than life. Just kidding.. just make the elements larger in size and make it impactful with contrasting bright fruit slices or berries.

The pastels used here are amazing with a touch of ornamental golden decor.

The color itself is so stunning that you're free to do any kind of decoration that you seek.

Once again a mix of artificial non-edible and edible decor for a christmas cake?