When the overall ambience is white, live green plants can add the dash of color beautifully. The wooden pots in the picture form an awesome combination.

Fill up the cabinet-top spaces with live plants in containers of different sizes to make it vivid in terms of visual appeal. We think the variety is what makes this setup beautiful.

It's never too much of greens when it comes to live plants. As you see here, this living area looks like a perfect holiday spot. Why not spend some more time here reading that favorite book?

What we loved about this space is that, apart from live plants, the art decor, the fabrics also infuse that bit of nature in the visual appeal of this living area.

Here's a combination of artificial and real plants. If you notice wherever there are plants used for decoration, there is a usage of a wooden element. Like the tray holding the pots in here.

Some might find this too much but, we think there's never too much of nature indoors. And no, it doesn't look like a shop. Or, does it? Just take it as an idea ;-)

That corner in your house where you'd love to sit for hours, reading your book with a cup of coffee. How does it sound?

Floors can hold plants of any size and, if arranged in the right manner it can go a long way to enhance the interiors of your home.

There you go. Like us, were you also waiting to see how a large plant fits into the scheme of things? We love it. What about you?

Now this is unique. A discarded bath tub is used to hold your indoor plant collection. How's that?

Here's an idea if you want to simply keep it subtle. Just one gorgeous plant on that book shelf of yours. Way to go.

If you can bring nature into your bedroom and living area, why not in the bathroom? Here's an idea to use an indoor creeper.

What you see outside your window, bring some of it indoors too. Even if it's minimal. Like the one large plant in this picture.

Keep the plants adjacent to a window that's transparent and admire the beauty of it.

Live plant in a pot and a natural leaves texture. A pefect interior decoration combo.