The athelete in the next picture was captured yawning during a pole vault while being mid air 11 feet above the ground.

This picture of a catcher from 1991 World Series shows the catcher awkwardly fall down but he held on to the ball.

Pittsburgh Steeler Antwaan Randle's head is literally turned by another player who held on to his helmet. He however sustained no serious injury.

A diver in action was captured at a perfect moment as the face of the diver ressembled that of a fish. Adapting is what you may call it.

The next table tennis player is about to eat the ball? Nah, it's just the fabulous timing of the capture that makes it look like it, isn't it?

Ever imagined how one would look if s/he had a foot in place of the head? Here's a perfect example. Do you like it?

The next perfectly timed captue will give you an illusion of the pitcher's hand being broken and bent backwards but, that's not the case. Take a look.

To get hit on the face, by a volleyball is painful but to see that moment frozen, just before the ball hit's the face is a painful even for the watchers. See the next picture.

You're definitely going to say "OUCH!!" when you see the next perfectly timed capture. Not every day someone gets hit like that. 

A transparent underwater helmet is what he wore while going for a swim. This one's a perfect capture with the water layer covering the face.

Gymnasts give the most opportunities to photographers for capturing those hilarous and funny perfectly timed captures. Here's one more. Where's my head?

A header by a footballer captured right at the moment when the ball comes into contact with the head. But, the splash? Is it water or sweat?

When a sport is risky, you need to be careful and atheletic to handle being tossed like a piece of cloth. That's what happened in the next picture.

Every tried the game of shot put? The shot putter needs to bring out all the might s/he can in order to win and then can have you make a face that could be funny...