11 noteworthy living room interior ideas

Light up the room with warm ambient lights and utilize the small space to arrange the furniture in a manner than it leaves ample space in the center.

The inspiration here is the number of decorative art pieces placed everywhere. From the showcase shelves to the table in the center.

A scruffy textured wall with your family photo collage is a lovely idea for living room decor. The L shaped sofa design is also very unique.

Two artworks at the entrance of the lving room is just perfect when you have bright ambience and more photo or art frames on display.

Large glass windows for the view and countless small and big decorative art pieces are perfect for homes where mostly grownups stay :-)

A modern sophisticated bright and silver take on the living room. This is pleasing and perfect to stay.

This arrangement is perfect for art lovers.

Another arrangement that will truly please the eyes of an art lover.

If you have a vintage interior decor on mind, go for such heavy-duty detailing to get it right.

A tall house living room interior could be a great opportunity for interior designers to show their skills. Like the set shown here.

We love the whites especially if the furniture colors are going to be the opposite. Contrast here makes the decor look perfect. Notice the bird print cushion covers.

With an awesome view, the large glass windows make so much sense. It's a great idea to have a dinning table set, overlooking the television and sitting area.