10 must-see living room interior decor ideas

This 3D Render displays a bright grey/silver theme for a small sized living room area. Large art piece, and large mirror face to face is a great setup.

Bright white walls, ceiling with gry floor looks perfect with the contrasting black/brown highlights in form of edges on corners and windows and the fan on top.

Bright wooden floor and silver/grey walls give a perfect opportunity to the bright and lively yellow sofa. The standing lamp in white fits in very well too.

A perfect balance of 3 shades of the same color. Most highlighted are the dark browns on the furniture, then the darkish brown floor and then the rest of the room.

Another example of a small living room space. Minimal decor on the wall. Focuses mainly on the seating arrangment which seems to be in abundance.

A lot of geometric lines at the corners, on the floor marking the areas in a very specific manner is good for a select few but it's a great option nevertheless.

Twinning the sofas face to face with windows on sides and front of both the sofas helps natural light and breeze in. The large circular decor piece is set well to draw attention.

We would select this seerly for the simplicity and the color combination. The shelf created for flower pots on the right is very unique and creative.

The sofa sectioned into cuboids looks great. It's color is in subtle contrast with the wall as well as the floor. The two lightbulbs taks the overall look to the next level.

Save this photo if you're looking to revamp your large living room. Notice the color combinations, wood texture and subtle usage along with the overall arrangements.