modern living room interior ideas

Large bright room that uses wooden textured floor, large artwork on the wall and glass furniture piece in the center.

A bright room with white wall is decorated with black-theme artwork, contrasting brown sofa, and the outside greenery complimented with large plant inside.

Another bright white theme but this one's a large multi-storyed villa with large living room that is decorated with a contrastic carpet and adequate furniture.

When your kitchen and living room merge into each other without a partition, it's idea to demarcate the spaces as naturally as you can.

Darkish wall with wooden textured floor and cream-colored furniture makes it a perfectly pleasing visual. Take the tips for colors from here.

A dark theme should have plenty of artworks that are lit with focused lights which keep the rest of the room still in a dark mood.

Make a large artwork the center of attraction and place the furniture along the walls to keep adequate moving space.

This is how you perfectly arrange a large living room space of a glass house.

Have a long living room, don't worry, it can still be done up beautifully to utilize the space wisely. Look at this example.

Another very spacious living room space beautifully decorated with ideal usage of space, making it look even larger than its actual size.