A truly modern take on luxurious large bedroom with metallic monotone colors.

Ample spacing to the left, right and front of the bed is truly welcome. The arrangment here looks perfect with complimenting furniture.

Rustic wooden floor can go well if there's a large space in front of the bed. The additional furniture can be as far from bed as possible.

Even in a large room, cornering the bed can work well if the setup is modern.

Here's a minimal but strategic placement of elements in bedroom with space on both sides of the large bed.

The grand chandelier here makes the room look no less than 8-star hotel room.

Minimal treatment leaves you a lot of space if that's the way you like your bedroom to be.

This we feel is a deadly gorgeous combination of white and space. Note that space looks large despite a bedroom bench put there.

Wouldn't you love to stay here? Rather, own it? A lot of art, with bare minimum furniture and a large space that's well kept.

And, this is how a really large space can be handled. Disperse your furniture away towards the walls leaving huge padding around the bed.