The most interesting part about this bathroom interior design is the checkered pattern of the floor. It brings great contrast into what otherwise could have appeared plain.

As we saw in may of the bedroom and living room series, the white and gray is not going to get older any time soon. This trend is always going to stay in.

Enjoying the bathtub with that small window displaying the outside view of nature? Some may agree to it while some might not. We liked this setup as it utilizes the space optimally.

Artistic patterns or decor on the walls can be so appealing and pleasing. This one looks like yet another room.

White, white and white. Another combination that's never going out of fashion. Add to it some live pretty flowers and it's a perfect setup.

Do you think moisture is bad for wood? Well ask your contractor. Wood can be treated to prior to using in a bathroom so that it doesn't get affected by moisture.

When an Interior Designer knows how to utlize a small place wisely and beautifully.

Would you have imagined having a small cabinet inside the bathroom to accommodate all your bath accessories? How neat is that?

It's a creeper, but it's not creepy to let nature in if you have an open space around your bathroom. Here's a perfect example of how to do it.

Here's another example of having a cabinet with drawers inside the bathroom to keep it tidy on the whole.