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Rose-Ringed Parakeet | Bird Photography

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Rose Ringed Parakeet - Female
Rose-Ringed Parakeet – Female with a Fruit

About the Indian Rose Ringed Parakeet, Commonly Know as a Parrot.

Indian Rose-Ringed Parakeet, a beautiful but noisy bird. We often see these in our garden as we have got an Almond tree (Indian Almond scientifically known as Terminalia Catappa) very close to our house. The parrots visit the tree almost every day during the morning for the red fruit. Their presence has never gone unnoticed as these birds really make a lot of noise.

Equipment Used to Shoot the Rose Ring Parakeet Photos

Having said that I must also mention that due to the large green leaves, it is usually very difficult to trace the exact location of the bird, on the tree unless you have a lot of patience and can stay still, staring at the tree waiting for the Parakeets to move. You can find them with their movement. This is also a big reason why, I have often got a very clear view of where exactly the birds were and have been able to click some shots using the 50x optical zoom of Canon SX50 HS. This is whenever I am trying to click snaps from our window.

However, when we last visited Aurangabad and the Lonar Crater Lake, we could get enough glimpses and photos of this wonderful green bird. There the birds were found living in small holes in a large rock at Ellora Caves as well as at one of the temples at Lonar Lake.

Rose Ringed Parakeet - Male
Rose-Ringed Parakeet – Male – Shot at Lonar

Sharing some of the shots below. If you are an expert bird watcher, do let me know if these are female or juvenile Rose-Ringed Parakeet. The difference between the male and female that I know is the presence of a dark ring in the neck region of the Male. However, since even the Juveniles don’t have the ring it is difficult for me to tell for sure whether these are females or Juveniles. Maybe you can help?

Photos of Rose-Ringed Parakeet

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