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Pre Wedding Shoot in Mumbai by Divesh Kudvalkar

Sometimes when new trends become such a rage that everyone catches the fever of following it, I tend think what’s so great about it? Why are people so crazy about it? I think that’s true about selfies. Everyone has caught a fever of taking selfies with the pouts and god knows what. Even though I myself clicked our first ever family selfie long before the term “selfie” was coined. I felt something similar about the concept of pre wedding shoot. Thought people were crazy to go for a photoshoot before the wedding. Traditionally that wasn’t something I had even thought of during my wedding. But gradually, looking at some seriously creative and awesome results from photographers I follow, my thinking towards pre wedding shoot changed. I think there are quite a few benefits of having a pre wedding shoot. So I decided to catch up with my ex-colleague and friend Divesh Kudvalkar to know more about this and get a few doubts cleared about professional pre wedding photography services.

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[alert-success]“Similarity in thought process while creating and while editing a creative, gives birth to a great Design.”[/alert-success]

When you decide to go for something new, you tend to have many doubts on mind and these can make you restless. As I learned more about professional pre wedding shoot, I too had a few doubts on mind and thus I approached Divesh with some really basic doubts and queries about pre wedding shoot. I’ve put that small conversation here in form of a Q & A.

Please introduce yourself and the your preferred photography gear.

I’m Divesh Kudvalkar. Being a UI (User interface) designer and photoshop enthusiast, I always come across challenging design tasks. According to me, “Similarity in thought process while creating and while editing a creative, gives birth to a great Design.

Thus, I Started experimenting to ‘create’ the photographs, which eventually gave a birth to a photographer in me. Thus, the journey started in the year 2009, with my first professional DSLR camera, i.e. Cannon 550D. Currently I have upgraded to Cannon 5D Mark IV, Go Pro and DJI Osmo.

Why should one go for a pre wedding shoot?

Every relationship is unique in its own way. Every couple has a different chemistry which can be uniquely depicted in a pre wedding shoot. The pre wedding photographs have more scope to depict the cuteness in the relationship than the usual wedding photographs. And that’s the main reason one must go ahead with pre wedding shoot.

What can a client expect from your pre wedding shoot service?

In three simple words:

Quality – “I BELIEVE IN QUALITY” and this is what has been motivating me from past 8 years, right from the start to deliver the best of the services ALWAYS!! I believe that I can provide the finest quality products to our customers.

Uniqueness – Before every pre wedding shoot I discuss with my clients if they have any specific requirements or if they are not sure, then I give some suggestions. Some of the styles I suggested are Miniature Photography, Vintage Theme Photography and there are more ideas.

Satisfaction – With the Quality and Uniqueness the most awaited thing achieved is satisfaction; not only in the eyes of the client but also mine. Their reviews can be checked on my Facebook page.

Miniature Concept - Pre Wedding SHoot
Miniature Concept – Pre Wedding Shoot
Vintage Concept - Pre Wedding shoot
Vintage Concept – Pre Wedding shoot

What are your expectations from a client for the pre wedding shoot?

The only expectation from the client is a dressing with bright and vibrant colours complimenting each other’s clothing. Apart from the clothing a lot of patience and enthusiasm is expected.

Who decides the location for a pre wedding shoot?

Location is a collaborative decision. In-fact, Neither me nor the client would decide the location, but the attire and the concept behind the shoot would decide the location.

Do you provide your service for pre wedding shoot in Mumbai only or Pan India?

PAN India.

Approximately how much can a pre wedding photos hoot cost?

Usually, it is packaged with the wedding shoot however, the only pre wedding shoot may range from, 20k and above.

One of the pre wedding shoot concept by Divesh Kudvalkar.

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