Photoshop Freezing On Startup | How to Fix

Photoshop freezing on startup?

[alert-success]This is happening because your adobe photoshop preferences file is corrupt!! Here’s how to solve it.[/alert-success]

Photoshop freezing on startup? Past few days I was facing this issue. It gets frozen for a minute or so after launch. This soon became very irritating especially after I transfered photos from Camera would be really eager to play around with them. Thus came the time to ask the almighty Google for a solution to fix photoshop freezing on startup, I came across many different solutions. Some of them suggested increasing RAM, some suggested tweaking the scratch disks options under preferences.

However while most did nothing there’s one solution suggested on Kanate.com that worked for me.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

Launch Photoshop application while holding down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT


Launch the application while holding down COMMAND + OPTION + SHIFT

You will see a PROMPT which mentions an instruction as seen below:

How to Fix Photoshop Freeze on Start
How to Fix Photoshop Freeze on Start

Upon seeing this prompt, click “YES”.

What this will do is, regenerate your preferences file. And, you are through.

Let me know if this works for you too.

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