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Monarch Butterfly | Striped Tiger shot at Owalekar Wadi
Monarch Butterfly | Striped Tiger shot at Owalekar Wadi

When it comes to nature photography, my knowledge about butterfly and their IDs was very limited. However at the city-jungle, the small green patch that I’d discovered near my residence, I was able to spot quite a variety of butterflies including Monarch Butterfly i.e Common Tiger Butterfly, Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly, Plain Tiger and others such as Common Jezebel, Common Peirrot, Red Peirrot, Lemon Pansy. None of them, I knew by name but a few of them I’d seen before and knew them as just “Butterfly”.

Later when I actually got pulled into Butterfly Photography, it became like “The Big Year” situation for me. I just wanted to capture butterfly images of every new species that I would notice. It had sort of become a challenge for me to let that number go higher and higher. By then I had also joined this group on facebook, namely Butterflies of India which is super awesome in terms of sharing your butterfly images as well as putting up a query in case you do not know the ID of the butterfly. And then one day I learned about Owalekar Wadi, and that was like a dream come true. Owalekar Wadi is like heaven for butterfly watchers and photographers. At Owalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, you’ll also get to know about the stages in the life-cycle of a butterfly. I’ll be posting an article dedicated to “Owalekar Wadi- Butterfly Garden” very soon after my next visit which could be in a few days.

I personally find the Monarch Butterfly really awesome as for me, they get pictured very well and the colors really stand out in an amazing manner. I’m sure there are other amazing and exotic looking butterfly species around but my personal favorite will remain Monarch Butterfly. Among the others I like Red Peirrot Butterfly and the Lemon Pansy Butterfly.

Just a Note: Most of these pictures are shot using Canon Powershot SX50 HS Digital Camera. Some are Shot using Canon EOS70D with a 70-300mm lens.

Butterfly Images of Monarch Butterfly and others:

24 thoughts on “Monarch Butterfly | Other Butterfly Images”

  1. Just one of the things I love the most about nature, its natural beauty! I’m always in awe whenever I see photos like these. It makes me realize that I’m so lucky to be born in this world. Nevertheless, keep on documenting our precious nature so there will always be something to share to the youngsters! 🙂

  2. You take awesome photos! Your passion for is reflective of the skill you developed on photography. And the bonus is you provide us the back story or context, on the subject of your photos 🙂

  3. Butterfly photography… it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. I don’t think I can tell the difference between one butterfly and another. But I guess by taking photos, you get to be more detail-oriented. You notice the little things about their natural beauty. It takes nature appreciation into a whole new level 🙂

    1. Thank You!! Good photography is possible even with a mobile phone camera. In my case I prefer to believe that it’s the lens that’s helping me big time, capturing photos… that lens is “The Oculus Dexter”.

  4. I agree with you. The monarch butterflies do stand out most of the time, especially when taken with it clinging on a stem. I doubt if it is possible to even shoot all species of butterflies, but it could be a good goal for you. Take shots of as many species as you could.

    1. Even, I’m not sure about the fact if I would be able to shoot pics of all species of butterflies but yes I can shoot a many of them by visiting some of the butterfly gardens and butterfly-friendly locations and nature trails. 🙂

  5. Bhai, for our foreign friends, please share the rough location where you shot these stunning photographs. ;))
    Jokes apart, what camera did you use Kalpesh bhai, I doubt whether it was Canon Powershot !;))? And how much patience do you have? I remember having read a post on birds and I had asked the same question. Marvellous shots but again, I will ask you, can I get similar results with my Sony Point and Shoot?

    1. I would have put up a location if the pics were from a single location 🙂
      These are from multiple locations and if you check most of my travel posts have a google map embedded. Since this post falls under nature photography category, it simply doesn’t require a map.

  6. What amazing colours the Monarch Butterfly has. Very stunning to look at. We actually have a butterfly garden round the corner to us where we’ve just moved and we will be taking a trip down with the camera to get some shots. Butterflies are just gorgeous to capture and you’ve done this so well with this photography 🙂 Ree love30

  7. You were able to capture those butterflies beautifully. I admire your eye for beauty and detail. I as well regard those butterflies as just butterflies. Truly, once youre into something, you will discover way beyond its surface. And that case, the different names of the butterflies.

  8. Awesome photos! I know it’s not just the camera but the photographer itself. The Big Year movie was something I could always think of especially when I read blogs / articles like this.

  9. Butterfly photography is interesting! Your photos are like from the post cards or Nat Geo. You’ve captured a lot but my favorite’s the plain tiger. Here in the Philippines, we have different kinds of butterflies. We have the big ones too – we call it “Mariposa.

  10. Just like you, i only know them all by 1 name: butterfly. Oh actually, 2 names, “color butterfly”, so they may either be known to me as brown butterfly, yellow butterfly, white butterfly so i really am glad to know that they actually have their own names. One thing that comes to my mind every time i see butterflies is the old saying about butterflies are carrying/being the soul of someone who passed away. your pictures are all awesome!

  11. These are excellent shots. Butterflies can be a hard subject to capture. At least for me they are. Just when you think you have a good shot they decide to fly off.

  12. Those are such excellent shots and Im a lover of Nature and the butterflies are something I’m really curious about and your shot are amazing, since we can see them so closer than expected! It’s such a hard subject to capture but your did quite excellently !

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