Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation Plot Exlained

Ethan Hunt, the epitome of audacious espionage, finds himself caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse in “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.” This isn’t a mere action flick; it’s a meticulously woven thriller that plunges into the murky depths of international conspiracy, betrayal, and the struggle for the very survival of the IMF. Buckle up, dear reader, for this mission is about to take you on a rollercoaster ride of twists, turns, and heart-stopping stunts.

mission impossible rogue nation plane stunt

The curtain rises on Ethan intercepting a clandestine shipment of nerve gas, a chilling harbinger of the Syndicate’s nefarious agenda. This shadowy network, comprised of rogue operatives from various intelligence agencies, lurks just beyond the fringes, a constant thorn in Ethan’s side. However, his triumph is short-lived. A meticulously engineered trap awaits him at the IMF station in London, where Ethan’s debrief comes not from his allies, but from the Syndicate itself. The realization dawns with sickening clarity: they’ve infiltrated the very heart of his agency.

alec baldwin in rogue nation as hunley

Gassed unconscious, Ethan is forced to witness a chilling execution before waking up in a dank torture chamber, the menacing figure of ex-KGB agent Janik “Bone Doctor” Vinter looming over him. But Ethan, ever the tenacious survivor, finds an unlikely ally in a mysterious woman who helps him orchestrate a daring escape. Six months later, the world paints Ethan as a fugitive, branded a rogue agent while the IMF faces the ignominy of dismantlement. Yet, the embers of his unwavering determination refuse to be extinguished. He secretly contacts Benji Dunn, his loyal tech wiz sidekick, and lures him to the Vienna State Opera under the guise of attending Turandot.

simon pegg's character benji helps ethan hunt

Vienna becomes a stage for a deadly ballet. Amidst the operatic grandeur, Ethan reunites with Benji and encounters Ilsa Faust, the enigmatic woman who aided his escape. Her true allegiance remains shrouded in shadows, an air of enigmatic charm masking a hidden purpose. During the performance, the Syndicate makes its deadly move, targeting the Austrian Chancellor. Ethan, unable to ignore his instincts, thwarts the assassination attempt, but the Chancellor falls victim to a chilling car bomb, leaving a trail of chaos and unanswered questions. The Syndicate vanishes like smoke, leaving Ethan and Benji forced to abandon Faust to protect her cover.

motorcyle chase scene in rogue nation mi5

Back in Washington D.C., CIA Director Hunley capitalizes on the incident, dismantling the IMF and absorbing its resources. Brandt, Ethan’s trusted confidante, finds himself under close scrutiny alongside Benji. Meanwhile, Ethan and Benji track Faust to Morocco, where she reveals the identity of Ethan’s nemesis: Solomon Lane, the rogue MI6 agent and mastermind behind the Syndicate.

rebecca fergusun

Their odyssey takes them to an underwater vault beneath a power plant, a vault brimming with secrets. Their objective: the Syndicate’s digital ledger, a treasure trove containing the identities of every operative. However, Faust double-crosses them, delivering the data to MI6 Chief Atlee, her supposed handler. But Atlee, a man shrouded in ambiguity, proves more than he seems. He discreetly deletes the data, forcing Faust to remain under his thumb.

ilsa is captured by lane in rogue nation

As the pieces fall into place, Benji and Ethan reconnect with Stickell, their resourceful handler, and Brandt, who secretly orchestrated their rendezvous. It is revealed that Benji, ever the tech wizard, copied the data before Faust’s betrayal. Stickell, a master of the digital underground, discovers the data’s true nature: an encrypted British government “red box” requiring the Prime Minister’s biometrics for access.

ethan hunt removing the mask

London becomes the crucible where allegiances shift and identities melt. Benji gets abducted by Lane’s henchmen, used as a pawn to blackmail Ethan into decrypting the data. Brandt, unable to stomach the thought of Ethan sacrificing himself, exposes their location to Hunley. Meanwhile, Ethan, in a daring heist worthy of Houdini, acquires the Prime Minister’s biometrics while disguised as Atlee. The masks finally fall, revealing Atlee himself as the architect of the Syndicate’s rise, framing Faust to cover his tracks.

hunley with prime minister

But Ethan, the ultimate chess player, has anticipated every move. He destroys the data, realizing it holds the key to Lane’s funding. The final showdown unfolds in the imposing shadows of the Tower of London. Benji escapes the clutches of death thanks to Ethan’s quick thinking, while Faust delivers a lethal coup de grâce to Vinter, her former tormentor. Ethan confronts Lane, a thrilling game of cat and mouse culminating in Lane’s own capture.

solomon lane is captured

With the Syndicate dismantled and the truth exposed, Hunley, having witnessed Ethan’s unwavering dedication firsthand, reinstates the IMF, acknowledging its vital role in global security. As the dust settles, a new chapter begins with Brandt welcoming Hunley as the IMF’s new Secretary.

That’s some riveting action. Happy to share that I have already added Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Blu-Ray to my movie collection. Hope you enjoyed reading the detailed synopsis so far.

Let’s dive into the details of the important characters of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Ethan Hunt

  • Actor: Tom Cruise
  • Character: A young IMF agent framed for the NOC List theft. Hunt fights to clear his name, confronting the true terrorist and grappling with the betrayal of mentor Jim Phelps.
  • Description: Hunt, portrayed by Tom Cruise, is a skilled, intellectually sharp IMF agent with a strong sense of justice. Proficient in combat and piloting, he embodies a complex character, balancing flaws with heroism. Constantly navigating moral challenges, Hunt strives to do what’s right, even when faced with adversity.

William Brandt

  • Actor: Jeremy Renner
  • Character: An intelligent IMF analyst providing crucial support. Brandt’s strategic mind proves vital in navigating the complex world of espionage.
  • Description: Portrayed by Jeremy Renner, Brandt is an intelligent and resourceful IMF analyst. His strategic brilliance aids Ethan Hunt and the team, contributing crucial insights to their missions.

Ilsa Faust

  • Actor: Rebecca Ferguson
  • Character: A mysterious operative with her own agenda. Faust becomes a complex ally to Hunt, blurring the lines between friend and foe.
  • Description: Rebecca Ferguson debuts as Ilsa Faust, an enigmatic operative in Rogue Nation. Faust’s mysterious motives add layers of intrigue to the storyline, as she becomes a crucial ally to Ethan Hunt.

Benji Dunn

  • Actor: Simon Pegg
  • Character: The witty and tech-savvy member of the IMF team. Benji offers comic relief and indispensable technical expertise.
  • Description: Simon Pegg returns as the lovable Benji Dunn, providing humor and technical prowess. In Rogue Nation, Benji embarks on daring missions, showcasing his intelligence alongside his physical abilities.

Luther Stickell

  • Actor: Ving Rhames
  • Character: A loyal and experienced member of the IMF. Luther’s veteran skills reinforce the team’s strength and camaraderie.
  • Description: Ving Rhames reprises his role as Luther Stickell, a loyal and experienced IMF member. Luther’s veteran skills contribute to the team’s effectiveness, reinforcing their bond.


  • Actor: Sean Harris
  • Character: The cunning and elusive mastermind behind the Syndicate. Lane’s intricate schemes pose a formidable challenge to Ethan Hunt.
  • Description: Sean Harris portrays Lane, the cunning mastermind behind the Syndicate. Lane’s intricate schemes drive the suspenseful narrative, creating a formidable adversary for Ethan Hunt.

Alan Hunley

  • Actor: Alec Baldwin
  • Character: The skeptical CIA director. Baldwin’s character introduces a political dimension, questioning the IMF’s role and adding complexity to the storyline.
  • Description: Alec Baldwin debuts as Alan Hunley, the skeptical CIA director. His character’s skepticism introduces a political dimension, questioning the necessity of the IMF and adding depth to the plot.


  • Actor: Simon McBurney
  • Character: The enigmatic head of the British intelligence agency. Atlee’s decisions impact Ethan Hunt’s mission, introducing an international intrigue element to the plot.
  • Description: Simon McBurney portrays Atlee, the enigmatic head of British intelligence. Atlee’s decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the events of Ethan Hunt’s mission, introducing an international intrigue element to the storyline.

Notable Awards Received by Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation

  1. Saturn Awards (2016):
    • Winner: Best Supporting Actress (Rebecca Ferguson)
  2. Empire Awards (2016):
    • Winner: Best Actress (Rebecca Ferguson)
  3. Hollywood Film Awards (2015):
    • Winner: Hollywood Visual Effects Award
  4. Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards (2015):
    • Winner: Best Action Film
  5. Satellite Awards (2015):
    • Winner: Best Visual Effects

Notable Nominations Received by Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation

  1. Saturn Awards (2016):
    • Nomination: Best Action/Adventure Film
    • Nomination: Best Actor (Tom Cruise)
  2. Visual Effects Society Awards (2016):
    • Nomination: Outstanding Created Environment in a Photoreal Feature
  3. Satellite Awards (2015):
    • Nomination: Best Sound (Editing and Mixing)
plane stunt in mission impossible rogue nation

Interested in knowing some really interesting trivia about MI: Rogue Nation? Read on.

  1. Real Stunts: Tom Cruise, known for performing his stunts, clung to the side of an Airbus A400M military transport plane during takeoff. This jaw-dropping stunt was done without the use of a stunt double.
  2. Underwater Scene: The intense underwater sequence required extensive training. Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson trained for several months to hold their breath for an extended period, ensuring the authenticity of the scene.
  3. Motorcycle Chase: The thrilling motorcycle chase through the streets of Morocco was not only a visually stunning sequence but also a complex logistical feat. It involved shutting down major roads and coordinating with local authorities for safety.
  4. Rebecca Ferguson’s Character: The character of Ilsa Faust, played by Rebecca Ferguson, was praised for being a strong and complex female character in the action genre. Her performance earned her several award nominations.
  5. Opera House Scene: The opera house scene was shot at the famous Vienna State Opera. The production team had to work during the opera’s off-season, and they had only one week to set up and shoot the scene.
  6. Alec Baldwin’s Introduction: Alec Baldwin joined the cast as Alan Hunley, the CIA director. His character’s introduction scene, a tense confrontation with Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, was added after Baldwin expressed his interest in joining the franchise.
  7. Christopher McQuarrie’s Direction: Christopher McQuarrie became the first director to helm more than one film in the “Mission: Impossible” series. He later directed “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” as well.
  8. Return of Characters: “Rogue Nation” marked the return of characters such as Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), providing continuity and familiarity for fans of the series.
  9. Box Office Success: The film was a commercial success, grossing over $682 million worldwide. It became the second-highest-grossing film in the “Mission: Impossible” series at that time.
  10. Musical Score: The film’s musical score, composed by Joe Kraemer, incorporated Lalo Schifrin’s iconic “Mission: Impossible” theme freshly and dynamically, adding to the movie’s intensity.

Where to watch Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation?

You can watch Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation on Prime Video or rent it on YouTube.

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