Mandrem Beach, North Goa | Sunset and Photos

Sunset at Mandrem Beach Goa
Mandrem Beach, North Goa | Sunset

Our trips to Goa, our most favorite vacation place have been terrific. Given an opportunity, we would only and only visit Goa each time. This photo is from one of the lesser frequented & serene Mandrem Beach, North Goa

At Mandrem Beach, North Goa we saw the most stunning and beautiful sunset ever. The sky was full of scattered pieces of clouds and the sun setting upon the ocean created an amazing gradient of orange, red and blue in the sky. It was a visual that has got photographed not only in my camera, but also in my mind.

Whenever you visit Goa, do visit this beach without fail. Morjim and Mandrem, North Goa and Palolem and Benaulim in South Goa are the best. We traveled more than 200 Kms on a bike in 4 days, to reach these beaches from our hotels. We spent 2 days in North Goa and 2 days in South Goa. It was for sure an amazing experience.

Beach Shack, End of the world, Mandrem Beach, North Goa
Beach Shack, End of the world

When we visited the Mandrem Beach, North Goa we had our evening snacks at this beach shack named “End of the world”. We couldn’t really figure out why it was named so but, it seemed to be very popular among the foreign tourists who seemed to be on very friendly terms with the owners of this beach shack. The food was nice. We had a North Indian Snack called “Aloo Paratha” with Poi (Goan Bread) and Butter. It was sure very yummy. To anyone going to Goa, I’d surely recommend this place. Awesome Beach, Awesome Food! IT was absolute fun to be at Mandrem.

Reflection at Mandrem Beach, Mandrem Beach, North Goa
Reflection at Mandrem Beach

Evening at Mandrem was spectacular. I had earlier posted a photo of the Sunset at Mandrem. The wet sand had an almost crystal clear reflection of the sky on it.

Mandrem Beach, North Goa on Google Map

4 thoughts on “Mandrem Beach, North Goa | Sunset and Photos”

  1. Goa. Back when I lived on Boracay for several years, I have heard of Goa from travelers. If memory serves me right, Goa is also famous for nightlife? There are music bars there blasting trance music, yes?

    I think I have also seen trance music CDs that were recorded live in Goa, it has to be the same beach?

    1. Hi Robert, Mandrem is one of the quieter beaches. From mandrem you go down further southwards you’ll come across beaches like Baga and Calangute, there you’ll find more beach shacks with live music, and music bars playing Trance etc.

      Completely down south i.e. in south Goa there are more serene beaches with natural beauty. Atmosphere there isn’t party-like. South Goa is meant more for people who love quiet, peace and tranquil beaches.

  2. The sunset is amazing! I wonder what beach here in the Philippines will be similar to Mandrem. Is it the “quieter”, pristine type of beach? Or is it a developed one? Either way, I know why this is a favorite. Look at the view. I bet your travel was worth it 🙂

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