Free Icons Download | Icon Pack V.1.1

Free Icons | Icon Pack V.1.1
Free Icons | Icon Pack V.1.1

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In this series, post the free icons pack downloads, here’s the version 1.1 of the sets of icon. These are again labled as free icons for download and you may use it for any purpose apart from re-selling. This particular set again includes icon pack for a variety of categories for which we regularly keep searching on google. Ranging from features like favorites to real estate, from weather to graphs, fast food to towing, this icon pack can be customized for color, look and feel and a bit of styling since I’ve included both, the source FLA as well as an AI format.

Its tough to find out icons just how the way you need them but when you get the source files along with the download, it just makes your task easier. This means that you are able to modify and update the icons as per your requirements. So download the file and do share this page with your friends to spread the word. Also any views or inputs or requests that you may have, please mention the same in the comments section. Any free icons download materials or URLs that you may know and would want to share with others, please do suggest so as to enable us to also write about the same and share with the rest of our audience.

This set of free icons i.e. Icon Pack V.1.1 includes:


  • Bar Graph
  • Money, Savings
  • Timer, Hourglass
  • Pizza, Fast Food
  • Globe, Internet
  • Satellite, Technology
  • Landline, Phone
  • Office, Real Estate
  • Gift Box
  • Cake, Birthday
  • Laptop
  • Electricity
  • Towing Van
  • Alert
  • Judge
  • Food, Takeaway
  • Weather: Rain, Thunder
  • Weather: Partly Rainy, Sunny
  • Weather: Rainy
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Swimming
  • Photos
  • Open in New Window



  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Save
  • Computer, Desktop
  • Favorites
  • Add to Favorites
  • Remove from Favorites
  • Game, Joystick
  • Refresh
  • Gmail [old]
  • Facebook [old]
  • Twitter [old]
  • RSS [old]
  • Buzz [old]
  • Technorati [old]
  • Linkedin [old]
  • Digg [old]
  • Blogger [old]
  • Google [old]
  • Stumbleupon [old]


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