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Green Grasshopper
Green Grasshopper

The city-jungle mentioned in my previous posts helped me watch a green grasshopper from real close, for the very first time. Before that I guess I must have come across these tiny long-leaping creatures but may not have noticed or paid attention to. This encounter also, was totally unexpected and accidental. I’d noticed this chameleon hiding inside the bushes on one of the branches, sitting still to prey. In order to get closer to the chameleon, I had to walk through an area of grass which was lush green and had grown about knee height. Just as I took my first step into the grassy area, I noticed a few green things jump high and far. I kept tracked the position where on of those tiny creatures landed and using the 50X zoom of my Canon PowerShot SX50 HS digital camera, I noticed the grasshopper sitting stuck to the tall grass. Lush green grass and lush green grasshopper easily camouflaged, easy to miss. They were there all the time but I just couldn’t see. Redish orange eye with a dark dot, it kept looking at me while I shot some pictures. That was one accidentally amazing experience.

The 2nd encounter was with a common field grasshopper when I had been to this agro-tourism resort called “Majhya Mamacha Gaon” in Mundhar, Maharashtra. This place is close to Guhagar. At this agro-tourism resort, they had kept these areca nuts to dry under the sun. These had almost dried and become muddy brown in color. I happened to get close to this heap of dried areca nuts when I ws trying to get some shots of a green bee eater. A soon as I reached close to the heap of nuts, I this little common field grasshopper happened to jump on my foot and back into the heap. As soon as it landed, it remained still for a long time again allowing me to get some pictures of it.

It is after this episode that I googled about grasshoppers to find out more information and as usual landing on Wikipedia which seems to be a treasure of knowledge.

Here’s a bit of it. Of course this information referred to from Wikipedia and I’m not at all trying to show off… 😀

What is a grasshopper?

Grasshopper is an insect of the order orthoptera, suborder caelifera. They are typically ground-dwelling insects with powerful hind legs. They use their hind legs to escape from threats by leaping vigorously.

What to do grasshoppers eat?

Most grasshoppers are polyphagous, eating vegetation from multiple plant sources. Some of them are omnivorous and also eat animal tissue and animal faeces. In general, they prefer grass including many cereals grown as crops.

Posting below some grasshopper images.

16 thoughts on “Grasshopper Images | Nature Photography”

  1. What a lucky catch it was to spot the green grasshopper amongst the grass. I love seeing shots of out of the ordinary creatures, ones we aren’t exposed to every day (at least not that close).

    Don’t grasshoppers look wise?

    1. It’s indeed very interesting to watch the grasshopper closely. Their eyes are such that you’ll always feel like they’re looking right at you. Thank you for your views.

  2. I really like grasshopper images. Your picture is really awesome. It’s so close and I love the colors. Nice to see the grasshopper so detailed. I can’t stop looking at it and discover more and more details. Those eyes! You have a great camera!

  3. I like how the green grasshopper was in the green grass and the brown grasshopper on the brown nuts. I love grasshoppers, they are so fun to chase around a garden and try to catch. My kids also like eating grasshoppers. fried and with soy sauce. eek.

  4. Nice capture of an interesting insect that all kids came to know. I think kids who do not know such either lives in regions where they do not exist commonly, or they stay in their houses too much. LOL. But grasshoppers are interesting to shoot. In fact, they stay so still, unless they feel threatened, of course. But when you do get close enough, they make good subjects.

    1. Yes Robert. Grasshoppers, they stay still most of the times. That’s also where a 50x long zoom of cameras like Canon SX50 HS come in handy. Far but still very close.

  5. Interesting post! And of course what an excellent photo you have here. My brother is also into insects and he studied fine arts with photography. Good thing that you have a blog to showcase your talent. I’m convincing my brother to make a blog but he said he’s not a writer haha. 🙂

  6. When we were kids, we would love to catch grasshoppers and place them inside clear jars. I have always been amazed on how they eat and move. I know that they eat grass but have no idea that they also eat animal tissue and animal faeces.

    At the end of the day, we set them free. 🙂

  7. Oh grasshoppers! The photos in your blog post reminded me of my recent vacation to a province in Southern Philippines. There was an unexpected overpopulation of grasshoppers thus the locals thought about catching the grasshoppers and sell them for food. I was able to try and the grasshoppers were tasty. I think this is also a delicacy in Thailand and in China.

    1. Oh hey… I clicked these nice looking green creatures for their color and sort of alien-looking beauty. Had little idea that they were also viewed as a delicacy… 🙂

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  9. this blog post made me so interested i need to read it at first glance. the photos are great. like it could have/should be on a magazine. photos are good quality! A Camera and the type of lens is a very powerful tool for photography enthusiasts. this is just nice. 🙂

  10. This peculiar and sometimes misunderstood creatures are one of the amazing beauties that the world gave to us. It’s fun to catch them sometimes when I was a kid. Careful on not squashing them in my hands.

  11. Cool photos! Those little dudes must be hard to capture? You’ve done good job with that! I love how detailed the photos you’ve taken are. 🙂

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