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Free Vector Icons Download | Icon Pack V.1.2

Free Vector Icons | Icon Pack V.1.2

Free Vector Icons | Icon Pack V.1.2

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This is the last installment in the series of free vector icons downloads. Now that ends all the vector icons that I had in stock. I would agree that some of them are really vintage style but these were made like 4-5 years back. I’d stopped paying attention to all of my blogs and vector-icons-download was one of them. Then I had made icons available in individual posts. i.e One icon per post. I know that was a bit tideous but it allowed users to find icons easily and they did not have to download extra icons just when they needed only one or two. The ease was also evident in the fact that till date total downloads of these icons have numbered “13200“. That means the total count of download has crossed staggering 13.2k and counting. Well but I figured some people may require a shortcut and thus also created three versions of sets of icons i.e. Icon Pack V.1.0, Icon Pack V.1.1 and Icon Pack V.1.2. If I do get time I’ll keep adding to these versions with the currently trending flat designs, outline designs and more, in the near future. Till then you can download these icons and use them in whichever manner you like, i.e. modify, update, change and use it but no re-selling 🙂

If you have any photos, designs, icons, travel experience that you may like to express on this blog, you are more than welcome to be a guest blogger. Please contact me using the contact form and let me know more details about you.

This set of free vector icons downloads V.1.2 includes:


  • Text, Font
  • Spy
  • YouTube
  • Yin Yang
  • Home Insurance
  • Family Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Headphones
  • Cycle
  • Query
  • Printer
  • Fish, Aquarium
  • Prize, Cup
  • Puzzle
  • Arrow
  • Delivery Van
  • Tree
  • Delivery Boy
  • Tick
  • Doctor, FIrst AId
  • User1
  • User2
  • Tag
  • Travel, Transportation
  • Folder Icon
  • Sounds Folder
  • Search a Folder
  • Photos Folder
  • Music Folder
  • Remove Folder
  • Play Button
  • Fast Forward Button
  • Rewind Button



  • Outlook Icon
  • Glossy Up Arrow Key
  • News Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pie Chart 3D
  • Internet
  • Gym
  • Camera
  • Keyboard
  • Arrows
  • Profile
  • Air Conditioner
  • Coffee
  • Rupee
  • Mouse
  • Calculator
  • Cards
  • Sale Tag
  • Users, Family
  • Lock Open
  • Lock CLose
  • Camera Repar
  • Car Hire
  • Car Repair
  • Glossy Right Arrow Key
  • Glossy Left Arrow Key
  • Glossy Right Arrow Key
  • Delete Icon
  • Close, Remove
  • Chrome
  • Chili or Spice
  • Cart or Buy
  • Android

1 thought on “Free Vector Icons Download | Icon Pack V.1.2”

  1. I love the clean and simple look of the icons. These always come in handy especially when creating posters and such. I see that you shared how many installments of your icon packs. Very useful!

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